Superleague The Blackball Leagues in Dublin

2019/20 season

league rules

Posted by Brendan Hinchy on August 30, 2012 at 2:45 PM Comments comments (4)


1.   Any team not using a stopwatch will be docked 3 pts.

2.   Any back match not played within 2 weeks both teams will be docked 3 points if agreement cannot made league will rearrange game.

3.   Each week a teams lotto is late the team will be docked 1 pt and cannot collect any winnings on there lotto number.

4.   Teams cannot rearrange matches unless a member of the committee is informed.

5.   The match cards are to be filled completely by both teams including win codes ie a,b,c.d failure to do so may result in teams being docked pts.


These points are part of the condition of playing in superleague and must be upheld.



 form for the league is available as a word document or EXCEL spreadsheet.


SuperLeague AGM 2012

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The Superleague AGM will be held on Wensday the 29th August in Parnells GAA Club in Coolock Village at 8:00 pm sharp.


Each club must have at least one representative present . Each club will be entitled to one spokesman per team and one vote per team.


SuperLeague Presentation Night 2012

Posted by Brendan Hinchy on June 20, 2012 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (0)

The presentation night for the 2011/2012 SuperLeague season

will be held on the 22nd June 2012.

The Venue is Hanlons, North Circular Rd.

There will be a DJ and food from 8 pm till late.

All prizes and trophies will be given out on the night

Pictures from the presentation night are now available under photos